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The RANGE’ECO PLUS shelves

Strong – Unexpensive – Elegant

These tubular shelves meet needs of storing heavy loads – “300kg per plate– or of large products – “space between plates goes up to 800 mm”.

Rectangular section tubes of 40X20mm guarantee the safety of the load as well as the depth transverses, which are reinforced by a metal angle-bar.

The system of fixing to posts with three claws reinforces its resistance to the weight.

It is possible to reinforce posts so that assemblage may be safer when first plate to be assembled is not on the floor.

Metallic wedges allow a possible fixation to the floor.

Safety bolts to fasten plates are included.

These shelves can have 6 heights – 3 widths - 5 depths

These shelves can have 3 possible finishings: Raw particle board plates – Metallic plates – Superior external side of plate in Fio.

… so many solutions to meet your needs …