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Robust and very economic.

This shelf was thought especially for storing boxes and archive files.

Multipurpose and robust thanks to its square tubes pillars, has a very resistant coating painted in lacquered epoxide.

This archive shelf is composed by 6 or 7 shelves. :

  • The initial module has got 4 blue pillars , 6 or 7 shelves adjustable every 5cm and can stand up to 200kg.
  • The following modules are formed by 2 blue posts and 6 or 7 shelves.
  • Easy access, depth 35 cm, can be used against a wall; capacity for 77 boxes.
  • Double access, depth 70 cm, can be used in hallways, capacity for 154 boxes.
  • Incomparable fixation and stability (patented system).
  • Option: hardboard for entire shelves.
  • Easy assemblage; no tools, no screws.
  • Warranty 5 years.

To start a line you need an initial module; you can then add as many modules as you wish; for one line of 4 módulos : 1 initial module + 3..

These shelves are standard; for measures on demand, please contact us.